Absum.net was once one of the first blogs in Finland. Back in the days when nobody even knew what blogging meant. It was even featured in Finnish newspapers amongst other pioneers on the field.

Since that life happened and this site has been offline for several years. But now it is time to come back from the dead.

Why? The main reason for the idea became when I was not able to find calculators and tools for things I was searching for. So decided to make a place for them. Another reason is practising my written English. And the third one is to write about things I am interested in, robotics, mechanics, code, cars, whatever comes to mind.

Me? A middle-aged man (boomer?) with a long history in software development areas. Geek, who has always been interested in everything technical - like a bit too much even :) 

You can contact me via email: info(at)absum.net

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